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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Electric Indigo

January 15, 2012

Keeping it Sweet and Simple this week for  Luna Jubilee’s  52 Weeks of Color Challenge.  The color? Electric Indigo!

Hair: Sugar Smack, Juliet in French Vanilla

Hair Bow Thingie: I made it!

Eye Shadow: BOOM, Renegade Princess Shadow in Fatale

Glasses: Epic, Kyoot Nerdy Glasses in Black

Earrings: RYCA, Hoop Color Change

Nails: N-core, Manicure

Dress: LiNe, College in Purple

Socks: Izzie’s, Garter Socks in White

Shoes: LiNe, Smile Flats in Purple

Lazy Saturday

January 14, 2012

It’s so cold out and I’m feeling super lazy but I wanted to share my weekend outfit with you.

Every time the temperatures drop my color choices lean towards the neutrals.  Absolutely noooo idea why.  Mebbe they remind me of a cuppa hot cocoa, all warm and cuddly.  Mebbe I’ll just crawl back into bed for a few more hours. 🙂

Hair: elikatira, Charmed

Lips: Izzie’s, Lipgloss in Nude

Necklace: glow studio, Pearls in Rows

Purse: pesca, Chained Bag Gatcha in Leo 6 (Seasons Gatcha Event)

Sweater: Fishy Strawberry, Impromptu Cardigan in Brown

Top: mon tissue, Heathered Pullover in Oatmeal

Glasses: Epic, Kyoot Nerdy Glasses in Black ( I just love these goofy things 🙂

Nails: Tiny Bird, Tiny Claws in Anya Matte (Seasons Gatcha Event)

Tights: mon tissu, Favorite Wool Tights in Oatmeal

Boots: Miel, Lia Boots

Yummy Girl Emmaline Returns!

January 11, 2012

When Berry invited me *back* to YummyGirl I was flabbergasted! I figured my last post would for sure scare off half her readership 🙂 (Noooo!  I loooved having you visit!  You can come back any time! – the editor)

I love the challenge she chose for this month. Making two outfits from one item of clothing can be a challenge, but I think it’s something all we fashionistas hope to do so we can get the most out of our favorite pieces!

This first outfit was my attempt at urban chic. I especially love how the eyeshadow matched the shirt so well, and the feather earrings really softened the overall look.

These leather pants are one of my new favorite things to wear, the new mesh section at Maitreya is pretty much the best thing that happened to me this month.

Skin: LAQ Ebba (Peach) Christmas Gift 2011
Eyes: Fashism ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Purple
Lips: cheLLe Kissable Lipstick (Coral)
Eye Shadow: [[Mozz]] Cosmetics – Winged Eye (Blue-Silver)
Nail Polish: *RezIpsa Loc* ~Raven Nails- French
Shirt: Maitreya Silk Neck Tie Blouse*Blueberry
Pants: Maitreya Mesh Leather Legging*Black
Shoes: LeverocciEmbossed Leather Oxford PumpsClassic

In my next look I tried to do something completely different. This is a much younger look, and has a bit of whimsy to it. I like the school girl influences and I tried to tie all the colors together in a very cohesive way.

Skin: LAQ Olivia (Peach)
Makeup: [[Mozz]] Lashes
Tank: The Sea Hole Shiarra tank – Dragon Fruit
Skirt: Artilleri Zara Skirt *brown/blue*
Socks: Doppelganger Inc. – Knocked Up Knee Socks – Brown
Shoes: {mon tissu} Sloane Pumps – Chocolate

I hope all you Yummygirls are having a fantastic new year so far…happy shopping!


52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Coral

January 10, 2012

Hiya!  Coral is week two of Luna Jubilee’s  52 Weeks of Color Challenge and was it ever a pain in the bottom! 🙂  So it’s totally not pure coral but shades of coral with a some contrasting sorta sage-y green-y stuff and chocolate shoes tossed it just to keep it doable.

One more time a big huge huge well manicured thumbs up to Collabor88 for the amazing selection of items.

Hair: Wasabi Pills, Bambi Mesh Hair in Reds Pack

Hair Bow Thingie: Jane, Nellie Bow Scarf in Melon

Eye Shadow: Izzie’s, Basic Pack Eye Make Up in Apricot

Lips: Pididdle, Lip Color in Matte Wet Clay

Blouse & Skirt: The Sea Hole, Heron Skirt and Minna Blouse in Dusted for Collabor88

Tights: Jane, Lil Piggies Tights in Melon

Shoes: Pixel Mode, Luna in Rustic

Double Duty

January 9, 2012

I got soooo much to say about today’s post that I don’t even know where to start!

First, this is going with the January theme of two looks using one piece of clothing so YAY!  Just wasn’t sure I would be able to stick with a theme but so far, so good!

I‘ve taken the Maitreya dress and boots from this post and added the super awesome coat by SLink for Collabor88, new hair and a few yummy accessories to create a sleek retro look.

One of the accessories is a brooch that really isn’t a brooch at all but a gorgeous ring from Glow!   Just attached it to spine, lil twist here, lil lift there and a few minor adjustments more and it works great!

On a side note, I’ve been trying to find an excuse to buy this adorable hair with netting and beret from Shag foreeeever so double yay! 🙂

My love for Pididdle Matte Lipsticks never ever seems to die.  Just can’t get enough of these!  Please, Pididdle, if you are reading this or someone who knows you is reading this, I’m begging… Mooooorrrreee Cooooloooorrsss!!

Hair: Shag, La Petite Mort in Light Shades

Eyes: FASHISM, Sunrise Eyes in Silver Light

Lips: Pididdle, Lipcolor in Matte Classic Red

Earrings: Mandala, Rinne Earrings in Inca Gold

Brooch: Glow Studio, Pratis Ring in Gold

Ring: House of Fox, Forever Young Ring

Gloves: The Secret Store, Fine Gloves in Cherry

Coat: SLink, Marigold Winter Coat for Collabor88

Dress: Maitreya, Mesh Nolita Dress in Black

Boots: Maitreya, Mesh Radical Boots in Red Reptile

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Champagne

January 6, 2012

Luna Jubilee is hosting another 52 Weeks of Color Challenge for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

The rules are super simple:

The Rules:

  1. Submit your photo to the flickr group: 52 Weeks of Color Challenge
  2. Post your blog or photo link in the comments of the post for that color
  3. Join the inworld group: Luna’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge
See?  Super duper simple!
This first week is CHAMPAGNE.  And while my first impulse was to simple pour a bottle of bubbly over my naked bod ‘cept for a “lick me” tattoo common sense from a spoil sport good friend ruled and I wore clothing instead.
Next week, CORAL!  🙂

Skin: Curio, Petal Candy

Hair: love,  hair for Four Corners  in Cordelia blonde

Eyes: FASHISM, Sunrise Eyes in Warm Silver Light

Lips: Damned, Alice Lipsticks in Brown 1

Nails: N-core, Manicure

Necklace: Donna Flora, Arianna Necklace #2 in Gold

Top: Sea Hole, Annis Lace Top in Champagne

Skirt: tres blah, Frou Frou Skirt in Beige

Wrist Glove Thingies: Malt, Sculpted Warmers in Antique Gold

Ring: Donna Flora, Vanilla Ring

Shoes: Maai, Sugar Buckled Heels with Socks in Beige

Kitty: KittyCats!, Champagne Burmese on loan from my gorgeous and sensible friend, Emmaline

The Most

January 5, 2012

The whole “multi-outfits built round one main item” idea got me thinking today bout those few clothing and accessory staples that I use almost every.  single.  day.  This is the stuff that gets the job done all the time and deserves some extra bunches of blog-love.

On a side note, I was due for some nipple shots. 😀

First up, the hair.  LeLutka’s SJ hair without the bottom attachment thingie.  It’s silky, soft, feminine… not short, not long… the hair frames a face and manages to look casual and elegant at the same time.  This is the hair I wear when I don’t know what to wear.

Hair: LeLutka, SJ in Marilyn

Next, eye liner, lips and nails.  All three are absolute musts for me every day and these three go with everything soooo well and are made with care.

Eye Liner: BOOM, Love My Eyes Eyeliner and Mascara

Lip Gloss: ROZENA, Baby Gloss in Pink

Nails: N-core, Manicure

My taste in jewelry is feminine and funky.  Loud enough to draw an eye, sweet enough to get away with it.  These three pieces do both perfectly without fullbright or bling or menus.  Low lag, stylish and beautifully crafted.

Necklace: Paper Couture, Agate Necklace

Ring: Paper Couture, Spring Multi-Stone Ring

Ring: Donna Flora, ZSAZSA Leo Pink Ring

Lastly, the undies 🙂

My favorite tank ever.  Serious.  I wear it for layering, by itself, under jackets… whatever.  It’s sheer and sexy and laid back and it took forever for me to find this one perfect version after searching all of SL for prolly a month.

The panties are from Stickyfingers.  Pink, sweet, sliding off one hip.. how can you go wrong?  I love wearing these under those shorts and jeans that seem just a lil too butt bearing.  Guys love these things too.  🙂

Maitreya scrunchy socks are the absolute in all short sockie-ness.  They change foot shape from flat to tip toe and color and even have an invisible foot option for wearing them with shoes.   These socks are the rainbow sprinkles on my ice cream sundae. 🙂

Tank: NanoGunk, Sheer Tank Shirt

Panties: STICKYFINGERS, My Naughty Panties in Pink

Socks: Maitreya, Scrunched Prim Socks

Casual Wednesday

January 4, 2012

I was craving a lil funky, cute and fun in my life this morning and then I remembered that Stumblebum had started a few days ago and I rushed out to see just what I could find!

Truth Hair is offering this adorable hairstyle with color change bows at a $L50 discount to the usual price for the bi-weekly Stumblebum Brigade event.  Kyoot’s contribution are snug and sexy sweaters in beautifully muted colors.

To pump up the girly funk factor I tossed in my super fave Epic gatcha glasses in baby pink, an oversized and beautiful turquoise ring and a delicate-sweet necklace from ruchica.

FIR & MNA came out with these super awesome nerdy bowling shoes for Fifty Linden Friday a few weeks ago and I’ve just been dying for a chance to wear them!  Yay!! 🙂

Hair: Truth, Velvet with Roots in Swedish (for Stumblebum)

Eyeliner: BOOM, Liquid Glaze in Turquoise

Lipgloss: ROZENA, Baby Gloss in Pink

Teeth: TULI, Parted Lips (free!)

Glasses: EPIC, Kyoot Nerdy Glasses in Baby Pink

Necklace: ruchica, 3 Rings Necklace in Mint

Bra: The Whore Mansion, Delice Lingerie Dots in Pink

Sweater: Kyoot, Soft Resolution Top in Teal (for Stumblebum)

Nails: N-core, Manicure

Ring: Donna Flora, Flora Turquoise Ring

Jeans:, Low Rise Tucked Jeans in Bleach

Shoes: FIR&MNA, Bowlorama Shoes in Mint&Pink

Two For One

January 3, 2012

Yummy Girls need options.

A new look for every day and sometimes every hour is just how it is when you want to look cute, sexy, sweet and fashionable out there on the grid.  To help out I’m gonna make the theme for January “Two For One Fashion Month” by putting together yummy outfits of different looks based on one main item!  Considering I had this idea last night bout 2 am… let’s hope I don’t fall flat on my face with it. 🙂

Today I put together two looks both centered around Maitreya’s new Athena mesh sweater in blue.

I love mesh.  Mesh loves me.  Mesh is polyamorous… it will love you too if you have a mesh-enabled viewer.  Kay, enough of my pro-mesh public message for at least a few sentences.

This first look all started with the one shoulder leather backpack from Mr. Poet.  I was  at KittyCats! shop innocently buying kibble and there was a girl next to me looking waaaay too fashionable with this pack slung all casual over her shoulder.  First impulse was to grab it and sprint for the door but one polite IM later and I was off buying my own.

The pack is menu driven with size and color change for the leather and hardware.  Super well worth the reasonable price.

Side Note:  Dear Wasabi Pills, I love you.  I love your mesh hair styles.  I love the colors.  You are the fluffy pink icing on the cupcake of my second life.  Love, Berry.

Hair: Wasabi Pills, Amadine Mesh Hair

Necklace: Yummy, Vintage Camera Necklace

Sweater: Maitreya, Mesh Athena Sweater in Blue

Pack: Mr. Poet, Leather Backpack

Leggings: Tee*fy, Floral Vintage in Cyan (Last Fifty Linden Friday)

Socks: Maitreya, Scrunched Prim Socks

Shoes: Maitreya, Alexa Wedges FLF Edition (Last Fifty Linden Friday)

Nails: N-core, Manicure

Bangle: Amorous, Oceanic Reloaded Bracelet

The second look based around my new favorite sweater is more “I left the office but I’m going to stop by a bar to meet friends and drink too much and brag about how Joan Jett and I have our nails done at the same salon”.

Hair: LeLutka, Pompai 

Earrings: LaGyo, Byzance Coin Earrings

Sweater: Maitreya, Mesh Athena Sweater in Blue

Scarf: Zaara, Kashish Scarf (Last Fifty Linden Friday 😦

Nails: N-core, Manicure

Ring: LaGyo, Byzance Ring

Ring: House of Fox, Forever Young Ring

Bangle: RYCA, CBL Gold

Bangle: Izzie’s, Bangles Gold and Black

Clutch: Izzie’s, Clutch in Black

Mesh Leather Pants of OMG-ness: Maitreya, Mesh Leather Legging in Black

Heels: N-core, Soliel in Black

Bookworm Minus the Books

December 28, 2011

The holidays took over in a big way (just as they should) and left me full of wrapped-in-a-quilt-sipping-cocoa-lighting-candles-staring-at-twinkling-lights-content moments.

In a way, this outfit matches that mood for me.

Hair: Wasabi Pills, Sachiko Mesh Hair in Blondes

Dress: Willow, Bookworm Dress in Earthy (Four Corners Event)

Necklace: League, Vintage Jewelry Set

Purse: TokiD, Damsel Basket Bag in Light (Four Corners Event)

Socks: Izzie’s, Overknee Socks in Aqua

Shoes: mon tissu, Sloan Pumps in Chocolat